3 Pieces Of Information You Need To Get An Auto Insurance Quote

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Do you need a quote for auto insurance coverage? You might need one if you are buying a new car or if you feel like you are paying too much for your current coverage. In both cases, you can get a quote by calling an auto insurance agent. When you call, you will need three pieces of information to get a quote for coverage, and here are the three things you will need.

Your Driver's License

Always have your driver's license available when you call because the agent will ask you for some information from it. The agent will ask for your driver's license number and may ask for the expiration date and the issue date. The agent needs this information to access your driving record. Your driving record is a log that contains details about tickets and violations you have. Over time, driving violations fall off your account, but they generally remain there for at least a few years. Your driving record plays a role in the rates you pay for coverage. If you have a clean record, you will likely pay lower rates. If you have an account full of violations, you will likely pay higher rates.

The Lienholder's Information

If you have a loan on the car you are insuring, the lender is the lienholder. A lienholder is an entity that issued the loan to you to purchase the vehicle, and the lienholder has rights to your car. When you have a lienholder and need insurance coverage, you must supply the agent with the lienholder's information. The agent will place this information on the policy. If you total your car and receive compensation for it, your lienholder will receive payment from the insurance company for the amount you owe on the vehicle.

The Title to the Vehicle

The other thing you will need is the title of the car. The agent needs this to access the vehicle's information. The title will state the make, model, and year of the automobile. It will also state a unique number that sets the car apart from others. This is called a VIN.

Once you have these documents ready, call an agent. The agent will walk you through the necessary steps and will likely provide you with a quote on the spot. To learn more about auto insurance quotes, types, and costs, call an agent of your choice and request a quote.

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11 May 2020

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